Betelgeuse star astrology

Betelgeuse Star – Alpha Orionis – Astrology King

Over the next few hundred thousand years, Betelgeuse may expand even more. Then it may briefly contract, once again turning blue. They stick close together for the rest of the night. Listen to today's episode of StarDate on the web the same day it airs in high-quality streaming audio without any extra ads or announcements.

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Decoding the Vedic Rudra, Betelgeuse and Orion constellation. THE HUNTER

Featured Images. Seeing Orange. Within the next ten to hundred thousand years Betelgeuse will probably end its life in a supernova explosion. Betelgeuse is a highly evolved star whose central hydrogen fuel supply has run out.

Betelgeuse and Bellatrix: Orion’s Shoulders

As a result, the core has contracted into a hot, dense state, and the outer portions swelled outward. We do not really know the star's condition at the moment, but the odds are that it is now in the process of fusing helium into carbon and oxygen in its core.

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The core will then collapse, causing the star to blow up as a supernova, most likely leaving a compact neutron star about the size of a small town behind. If it were to explode today, it would become as bright as a gibbous Moon and would cast strong shadows on the ground and be seen easily in full daylight.

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The name Betelgeuse Alpha Orionis is a corruption of the Arabic "yad al jauza," which means the "hand of al-jauza. For us, it marks the upper left-hand corner of the figure of the Greek's ancient hunter, Orion. Bullinger, a biblical writer, called it "The Coming of the Branch.

Betelgeuse has no equal in sheer volume or area of influence and emanates a tremendous amount of magnetic force from its fiery heart, which beats regularly. Ageless Wisdom teaches that there are potent and influential forces flowing from this star.

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Its magnetic energy field can stimulate the heart centers and aid in the service of those who are spiritually attuned. This star is one of the more important Cosmic Star Gates.

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The Tibetan teacher Dhjwal Khul has written volumes about the innumerable forces and emanations we encounter as we spin through space, and how Humanity and the entire solar system are influenced by conditioning "rays" that come from the stars. While he speaks that the Big Dipper registers a paramount effect on all forms of life here on Earth, he also mentioned the "potent forces" reaching us from the star Betelgeuse.

The Mayans, who also spoke of "stabbing beams that penetrate from the heavens," had an understanding of these realities with their amazing knowledge of wave harmonics and resonance theories. Continuing with the premise that the human energy system is modeled after the great Stellar Beings described earlier through other Stellar Code Modules, it is implied that each of the chakras resonates and attunes to a specific star field.