Astrology january 3 birthday horoscope

January 3rd Birthday Horoscope

In terms of interpersonal relationships, they like to travel and make new friends, trying to build their own reputation to win trust and recognition from others. Earth roosters often act as a great general in adversity and they solve the problem calmly with strong patience and perseverance; they can make a painstaking investigation into the problem meticulously according to their own experience and find the problem from the clues to solve it successfully. However, they are very proud and unlikely accept the opinions of others, which is the main reason for their failure.

Therefore, they need to be open to others' opinions and draw on the wisdom of the masses. When it comes to career, earth roosters go off smoothly and get good results from the hard work. In addition, they are likely to be regularly supported by benefactors, so they have a brilliant future. But they should not get carried away and need to watch out.

January 3 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Earth roosters always have good luck in wealth since they can create and keep wealth. They may try a variety of investment, which will bring them the unexpected harvest. But they should not be too greedy. Earth roosters attach paramount importance to love and have the charm to attract the opposite sex, so they are very popular among the opposite sex and often live a happy life after marriage.

What's a cusp in astrology?

This is a day that speaks of grandiose expectations, those that can almost never be met, unless if a person becomes a magician or a voodoo artist who willingly and at any cost grabs for the future through magical methods. This is a clear image standing for someone who wishes to employ their passion, with a forceful vision that always bumps into the shield of reality.

It is not easy for someone with this kind of vision to accept reality and this is exactly what this person was born to do. As if their expectations are set at heights that are impossible to reach, they will stumble upon disappointment one too many times, until they discover the truth that will in fact — set them free.

It is a challenge of the material world that gives many opportunities for financial success and a lot of physical pleasure, but only if there is enough change to the system of beliefs to allow the mind to expand and the image of Self shift from a round circle of possibilities, into one specific point. Without direction in life, these individuals will feel unworthy and lose respect for themselves.


It is their best choice to give in to the will of the Universe and feel support coming their way. There is little room for emotional awareness in such a strong inner chase for one's Self. Very often, individuals born on the 3rd of January spend a lot of time alone, unwilling to start a relationship for all the rational reasons. In general, this is an individual focused on a personal chase for knowledge, direction, and self-respect, and these aspirations make them excellent partners if they meet someone similar, distant enough, someone to share their goals with.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Even though it might sound somewhat calculated and rigid, the best romantic relationships for those born on this date nurture their life's philosophy and love of nature, with shared goals to light the way. A lot of energy will be wasted on difficult bonds with a lot of expressed emotion and tenderness, let alone with needy partners who search for symbiosis of any kind. Those born on the 3rd of January can seem cold, distant, and even narcissistic to some point, willing to share their widths only with someone who has their own width to share. If there was ever a Capricorn built to last, it is a January 3rd Capricorn.

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