Second decan capricorn compatibility

The final air sign is Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Aquarius is perhaps the purest abstract expression of air energy, and deals almost exclusively with the intellectual, the logical, the rational and the genius realm of ideas. Aquarius has a reputation for being the most aloof and detached of all of the air signs, and the least able to handle their own emotions. However, a double air sign partnership is not necessarily the longest lived of relationship.

Problems occur in air sign love match compatibility with another air sign when the relationship hits a bad patch. Because air signs are not particularly adept at expressing emotion, both partners can struggle to explain how they really feel, and both will back away from emotional displays by the other.

That indeed, can be the biggest problem for love match compatibility with any air sign , matched with any other sign — these wonderfully expressive and intellectual partners need to learn to handle the emotional ups and downs of love if they are to enjoy their full potential. If you have questions about air sign compatibility, why not ask our astrologer? For more about zodiac sun sign compatibility, read our detailed sun sign compatibility profiles. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship?

Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! So its safe too say I am generally all air. Aside from the Mars, and Venus, which are both in fiery Leo. My ex husband and I were very volatile and emotional with each other.

capricorn decans

There were lots of tears and scenes when we broke up, on both sides. We both expressed ourselves emotionally, verbally and even physically. It was very tempestuous at times while we were highly in tune at others. It is very true about it says about Libra and air signs compability. I have a hard time expressing my feelings to my partner. As a Virgo I find air signs frustrating. I appreciate their logical minds. My Mercury in Libra makes me adept to speak to them in their language. However, as an earth sign, I find their detachment impractical and illogical.

I appreciate that that is who they are and why that can be a great strength and benefit to the world. I just prefer to find balance between the mind and heart.

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There you find emathy. Hopefully it can work I know I have Leo and pices in my sign. Love it thanks again for all your help and support with everything else because I am married to a twin like me.. I can relax easily with a calm and collected, rational mind…maintaining a relationship is difficult because you have to utilize your emotions the right way, but when I felt mine arise in my conscious state of mind, I used it to manipulate people I know, I know…not good!

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I think if I did the latter, there would be immense consequences, but thr former is pretty bad too. Fixed Signs — [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius] the quadruplicity that exists as the proliferation of a season. They serve to maintain and develop the change of the Cardinal Signs. Houses — the twelve sections of a chart that correspond to various spheres of activity in our lives see here. Imum Coeli — the degree of the zodiac that is directly below the earth at the moment of birth, also known as the Nadir usually the cusp of the Fourth House.

Intercepted Signs — signs completely encased within a house and who thus rule no houses in the chart, accompanied by Duplicated Signs. Masculine Signs — the three fire signs and the three air signs that represent the rational-communicative functions. The signs of positive polarity. Medium Coeli — the degree of the zodiac that is directly overhead at the moment of birth, also known as the Midheaven usually the cusp of the Tenth House. Modality — [Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable] the mode of operation of a sign, and the way in which it directs its energies.

Mutable Signs — [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces] the quadruplicity the exists as the end of a season. They serve to transform the developments of the fixed signs to pave the way for cardinal creation. Planets — the ten heavenly bodies that correspond to various drives and energies in our lives see here.

Retrograde — the apparent backwards motion of a planet in our sky due to their relative motion. Stellium — a grouping of 3 or more planets in a sign or house potentially 4 or more depending on the planets involved and the astrologer. Synastry — the study of relationships in astrology utilizing inter-chart overlays and the creation of a composite chart. Transit — the current movement of the planets, and the interaction between them as well as their interaction with a natal chart.

Water Signs — [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces] the triplicity that represents the function of emotion, and our intuitive abilities.

Capricorn Second Decan Compatibility | Select Your Partner

Zodiac — The Circle of Animals. The imaginary belt surrounding the Ecliptic in which the Zodiacal Constellations fall. Note that these are different from the Astrological Signs. Third is very driven work wise or driven towards something they really want but they are a bit uptight.

Capricorn & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

Keep reading. Ambitious and serious are some traits associated with Capricorn risings. They can appear proud and often take on the role of leadership. Capricorn risings can often be prone to pessimism and can have a fear of failure or not progressing enough in life. They are mature people and definitely try their hardest to be responsible. The most common Midheaven for a Capricorn rising is Libra. Capricorn risings born between the degrees of These Capricorn risings are definitely the most driven and are often goal-orientated.

Capricorn-Capricorn risings posses large amounts of ambition and should put this to good use towards their goals. They can be inclined towards taking things way too seriously so they should also learn how to relax. A noticeable physical trait of Capricorn-Capricorn risings is that they can seem much more older than their actual age and are much taller than other Capricorn risings.

By far the most materialistic of the Capricorn risings. Capricorn-Taurus risings are very much goal orientated but towards making more money. These Capricorn risings truly enjoy a simple lifestyle where they can enjoy their favorite foods and pamper themselves. Capricorn-Taurus risings have an eye for beauty and simplicity. They are, however, prone to gaining weight much easier as opposed to other Capricorn risings.

A noticeable physical trait of Capricorn-Taurus risings is that they can be much curvier and possibly a bit shorter than other Capricorn risings. Capricorns risings born between the degrees of These are the most adaptable of the Capricorn risings. Capricorn-Virgo risings are highly ambitious and are extremely adaptable to their surroundings. They can easily overcome obstacles because of their ability to quickly think of a new plan or way to get around. Capricorn-Virgo risings are active and always busy or doing something.

They should be careful to be too involved in work because they are prone to anxiety. A noticeable physical trait of Capricorn-Virgo risings is that they could have expressive facial features and gestures. There is a heaviness about them both in their energy and their more palpable emotional expression.

They tend to be objective and see the world through a rational lens on an emotional level. They prefer true connections but take quite some time opening up to the idea of real intimacy. Someone who can make them feel free and able to be sensitive and open with. The mother was at times harsh and not the most affectionate. They allot themselves time to relax and adore peace and serenity! They love touch and crave intimacy that surpasses the use of words.

The mother was both a homebody and a cooker! She loved a lavish home and often worked hard to accomplish the life she built! They have a very quiet and seemingly disinterested vibe about them. In some cases they remain above the fray and never seek to intertwine with them. Emotionally they value intellect and work ethic and make it a point in their lives to be just that. They do have a soft side and are extremely sensitive beings but keep that side of themselves neatly tucked away.

These cap moons cry in silence a lot more then the rest and are very hard on themselves. Mother was very intelligent and extremely alluring.

Capricorn Sex

Mother had a way of carrying herself that was both mystifying and aloof. Originally posted by feudsource. Originally posted by nitratediva. Originally posted by gifthesilverscreen. Taurus risings are ruled by Venus; the planet of love and beauty and this is noticeable in Taurus risings. These people come off sensual and stable. Taurus risings are slow people in the sense that they take their time doing things and are probably slow talkers when you first get to know them.

Because Scorpio is on the descendant, Taurus risings are attracted to Scorpios or Scorpio like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Taurus rising is Aquarius. Taurus risings born within the degrees of Taurus-Taurus risings are the calmest of Taurus risings, yet they can also be the most temperamental ones as well!

Money can be of great importance to this rising sign and they tend to be materialistic. Because of the heavy Venus sub-influence, Taurus-Taurus risings have many pleasant physical features that others may find attractive. Taurus-Virgo risings posses a lot of mental power and curiosity due to the Mercury sub-influences.

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They are extremely hard workers and are constantly trying to improve themselves and their material gains. They can definitely come across as scattered. A noticeable physical trait about Taurus-Virgo is that they are smaller in height than other Taurus risings and have smaller facial features. The most hardworking and ambitious of all the Taurus risings is the Taurus-Capricorn rising. They are disciplined and calm people due to the Saturn sub-influence. Taurus-Capricorn is driven for success and are usually goal-orientated as well. The rising sign is split into 3 decans.

The decans are divided into 3 sections of 10 degrees each, into a total of 30 degrees. The first decan is between degrees.

Why Capricorn is the most successful sign...

The second decan is between degrees. The third degree is between degrees. If your rising is in a fire sign you will have an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius decan If your rising is in a water sign, you will have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio decan. If your rising is in an air sign, you will have a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius decan. If your rising is in an earth sign, you will have a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn decan. Capricorn decan one Saturn : early decan Capricorn natives are often entrancing-something about them seems unattainable-like a barrier or some sort of dreamlike wonder.

They view the world in a somber light but also have an inner youth about them that beams through the scrutiny of saturns watchful eye. Most have a natural understanding of others shortcomings but see them more in their own selves more than anything. Many have a strong sensitivity to the pain they see in their lovers and would do anything to take the pain away.

These natives are often not vocally expressive with their feelings and are misunderstood because of this fact-in reality to them love is more about what you do than about what you say-as words lose their value after some time. When in love they love to have sex but also love the physical intimacy of being with someone you know. The hair is long and usually dark in color. Eyes have a tired and or low hang to them. The smiles are low and often rarely include teeth. Their is a candid and almost easy expression of their energy that is always present. They have a soft and often sensitive side to them no matter how serious they like to act-many even have a soft spot for those who made an effort to get to know them, not necessarily out of needing someone but mainly because someone went through the effort of trying to get to know them.

Dress style: another sweat shorts and hoodies position along with comfortable name brands like Nike and Reebok and so on. The women tend to like tights and spandex because of how it hugs their skin. While men can like tight shirts and sports gear. Both men and women tend to dress with a minimal expensive look. The hair is flowy and often oily. Eyes are sweet natures and have a soft gaze about them. They have a slightly critical nature to their love that makes them both readily nervous but also slightly picky!