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Today, this emphasis on land has led to success in the real estate, stock market, and insurance industries, for financial skill is a talent you carry within you. Being deliberative and conservative, it is no wonder others trust you with their personal and corporate budgets, for you are not one to squander them or act impulsively. As a Taurus, you have a superb chance of accumulating wealth in your lifetime.

I am Taurus, My Lover is Taurus

When choosing clothing, you prize quality and are likely to be drawn to buying investment pieces—beautifully cut, flattering trousers, skirts, jackets, and dresses that will take you through many seasons and years. A look into your wardrobe will show that both sexes prefer neutrals, such as white, taupe, oatmeal, mushroom, pecan, walnut, sand, warm beige, pale and deep grey, chocolate, cream, Frappuccino, and rich tones of navy and black.

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News You Can Use. This is a very good time to let people know you care about them, send a card, write a note of appreciation or even a love letter! You may also want to buy something beautiful, pleasing, and frivolous which simply makes you feel good.

This is a very pleasant time for you. You have a need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, relax, and collect yourself.

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Taking a stroll through the woods, visiting a beautiful lake, mountain retreat, or beach appeals to you now. Speaking of negotiation, try to get that done before Halloween. Back up all your most important data. Since retrogrades rule the past, reach out to connections you may have neglected. You may be burning to blurt out something that feels imperative to say, but speaking without thinking can create unnecessary chaos.

Even constructive criticism will go over like a lead balloon. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist.

I am Taurus, My Lover is Taurus - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Shop ELLE. Aries Illustrated PopSocket.

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